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It is a building block made with pumice stone, 60 cm long and +/- 16 kg 

heavy. They are self-modulating bricks,  so no mortar 

to use. Building a wall becomes child's play, by 

the high dimensional stability of the stones. One starts with a flat base, 

cast the first stone and you're gone. 

No more wires and spirit levels!


The mobile handle makes it easy to move the stone, 

thus sparing the back. Pumice was chosen because 

this material can be found all over the world, even in Germany are 

there are pumice mines.


What are the benefits of this new stone?


There is a shortage of skilled labor in construction. 

This stone opens up new possibilities, also in developing countries. 

In Bolivia, as a test, we built a house in just four days. 

This stone is also interesting for the finish ! 


In the hollow parts of the stones heel 

easy to install pipes allowing for 

grinding has become superfluous. One can de

filling bricks with concrete, fiber concrete, 

rebar and so on, depending on the function 

off the wall. And the thermal value of 

pumice stone is excellent.




The ease of working with Bramstone . is already taken into account during the preparation

clear. Due to the unique shape of the Bramstones, placing

of strut and adjusting profiles has become superfluous.

Because the building blocks have a maximum deviation of 0.8 mm per

Bramstone, all the stones will always be right on top of each other. 

As with any construction, the concrete floor is the only

preparation necessary to make the substrate ready for construction 

to make. A first row of aerated concrete blocks is glued on this

(also called aerated concrete blocks or Ytong blocks)

so that the first layer is always level. After a

water barrier has been installed, the first rows can

Bramstones to be placed. 


Bramstone walls can be stacked loosely using only 

loose walls must be braced for safety 

(for example, this is absolutely not necessary when walls are placed in a corner). 


The carrying irons specially developed for Bramstone ensure that 

that the stones are easy to handle and back problems are prevented. 

And with a grinding wheel, the stones are easy to cut to size. 


When the wall is satisfactorily built, the filling can begin. 

This can be done in two ways: 


1. By hand : 


A funnel and a bucket are used for the grout. 


2. With a mortar pump :  


The holes are filled with a hose. After filling the holes

(approx. 4.2L per brick) the reinforcing bars can be placed.

For load-bearing exterior walls, we recommend filling each hole with

mortar and reinforcing iron, for non-load-bearing walls it is sufficient

to fill 1 in two or  1 in three holes. For heavy structures

(e.g. in earthquake-prone areas) it is

also possible to use horizontal reinforcing bars in the construction. 

The recesses are already provided for this.

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